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A Gemini Dream. {Amy Greenan} is a little pod of online space for my creative projects, including graphic design, fine art, quilting, a podcast, writing, etc... Etc.? Probably.

I am, in fact, a Gemini — if you believe in that sort of thing. I kind of do, a little. Gemini Dream is also the title of a fun Moody Blues song, yes, but it also has meaning to me in that a Gemini dream is how I live my life, doing all kinds of things that spark my interest. I have my fingers in many pies. My work experience shows someone who likes to do different kinds of things, and I guess you'd call me a generalist in the larger scheme of things. That just means I know a little about a lot and I think that is a nice perspective to have. I also have passions, things I focus on, some of which are featured here on this site.

With years of experience as a graphic designer and fine artist, I also brings a host of other useful skills to the professional table — just take a look at my LinkedIn profile! In my free time, I enjoy watching movies of all sorts (especially horror and fashion-related documentaries, do you want to connect on Letterboxd and compare watch lists?) while hand sewing wonky quilts. I could probably open up a restaurant with all the delicious dishes I can cook. Really!

During the pandemic, I have grown my hair out Lady Godiva-style, but finally succumbed to the inevitable bang cut (see photo).

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