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Art & Craft. To be honest, I'm not even sure about any distinct line between art and craft anymore, but if nothing else they are certainly kissing cousins. I've seen plenty of so-called art that could use a dose of craft, and so much craft that should be displayed in an art museum. Is it about practicality? Probably some. But at least these labels are starting to become obsolete, bit by bit. 

I've divided this section into three: Illustration, which dovetails into my graphic design work; Painting, which is my main fine art practice; and Quilting, a meditative practice that I started with a certain fervor a year into the pandemic. I've sewed every single day since the end of March 2021, with no signs of stopping, and find it to be every inch relevant to everything else on this site.

What I find most interesting is the intersection of all the creative work I do and how they all relate in some way or another. I'd love to hear what you think — drop me a line here!

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